Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thoughts for Thursday.

The hot weather is coming. I can feel it.

Right now though, it is windy and overcast. I think I might actually miss this when we are sweltering from heat waves and sleeping on top of the covers. I'm so wishy washy.

I'm kind of busy at work these days. I will be celebrating one year at this job in a few days. Didn't I mention something about time flying yesterday?!? Weird. Maybe God is trying to communicate something with me. It reminds me how Francis Chan speaks in his book about how all we really are in this life are like extras in a movie with about 2/5ths of second in a scene. We're excited to be in the movie yet we can't start thinking the movie is about us. It's about God.

In other news...
I was doing some pruning of this out of control bush in our little back yard/area last night when I was reminded of something I had heard a long time ago. When the vine dresser is pruning, they prune the branch that produces the most fruit the furthest back... Then I remember a friend of mine talking about how if you don't the branches will start to grow lots of leaves and look full, yet produce less fruit and actually steal water from the other fruit bearing branches. Hmmm... That's reassuring.

So, I guess I should get back to important stuff. Pray for me if you have a second. I'm a bit flustered right now in my heart. I'm trying to be obedient and change some stuff yet am being pulled back into some internal battles of the mind. It's a hard thing for me. I tend to start getting excited about new things God is teaching and then over do it by trying to do to much to soon and take in more than I can handle. Then I usually burn out. I don't want to do that again. Thanks...

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Steve Oberg said...

Been there! Done that, bought the t-shirt.

Thanks for always being challenging and transparent.