Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Returned from Bend.

So we are home. Don't have use of the letters that's sounds "eye" or "cay" or the number after "7" and before "9" on my keyboard. Or the arrow buttons. (i am cutting and pasting the letters "i" and "k" in)

Anyway, a while ago i blogged about this housing development in Bend, Oregon designed after the Shire from the Lord of the Rings. i'm serious. So while we were there they were showing us around the town when it occurred to me that if i visited Bend and didn't see the Shire i would be crushed. So we went. And were disappointed. it appears to be a flop. There was just one home built 1n the entire area and one that was half built while the rest of the project seems to be abandoned. Lots of weeds everywhere. And cats.

They did manage to build a little town square replica from the first movie. The one where Gandalf shows up and shoots off fireworks. So we shot some camera phone of the wife, Rachel and me dancing like goofballs. Any way here it is.

i also got this picture of me standing next to a little hobbit house that is actually a storage for some water hoses.

Thanks Ben, Rachel, Titus and Mama and Papa for a great weekend!

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