Sunday, June 08, 2008

This post is sponsored by the letters "K,I,J" and the Number "8".

We are visiting our friends in Bend Oregon this weekend. And my computer is kind of toast. And this post is being written from a PC. Running Windows Vista.

Yep. On the trip "someone" was watching cartoons on my Mac in the back seat when "someone" accidentally poured water onto my computer. After running lots of recovery stuff on the computer and fixing a bunch of errors and issues it kind of works. Except the letters "K,I,J" and the Number "8". They just don't work. So I guess I'll have to do something about that back home in Canada.

Other than that, at least it's not raining here in Oregon. Unlike back home in BC where there is some natural law that it has to rain everyday of the year. But Bend is a nice city. Situated in the center of Oregon it's a sportsman paradise I'm told. I totally believe that too. I'm not a sportsman myself (i.e. hunting, fishing, canoeing...) but my friend that I am visiting is. He took me to some Costco sized sportsman superstore yesterday. I feel sorry for the deer, elk and trout of Oregon, because this store ensures their demise. There are enough guns and camo in that place to outfit half the national guard.

Anyway, we are super happy to be spending time with our beloved friends and encouraging each other in the things of the Lord. We're heading out in a bit to there church so I'm going to cut this short. Hopefully there is favor for my Mac when I try to get it fixed back home. If not, looks like I'll have to be creative and post with every thing without the letters "K,I,J" and the Number "8".

Oh yeah, Happy Pentecost everyone! Come Lord!

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