Saturday, June 14, 2008

Blogging again on a Saturday morning for the third time.

So this morning it's little robots that Noah's watching. Up next is Aurthur, I like Aurthur. Still have a messed up computer. Also these Saturday morning posts will be ending anyway as we are turning off the internet and cable for the summer. That is going to be awesome. It is amazing how much time our family spends doing those two things. We'll have a good time doing other actual family stuff. Blogging will still occur from my job though. No worries there!

For today, I don't now what to do with myself. Both Naomi and Noah have plans and will be away from the house. Free time on a Saturday? No way... I'll probably just go to the gym, but maybe I could do something really creative like go for a walk. What an exciting life I lead. Anyway, gotta go, this computer is driving me nuts again. Think we'll go buy a new one today! ;)

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