Friday, June 27, 2008

Feeling a little old today...

Just a quickie here,

Spent a few hours on a real live college campus today. We went to the "parent" portion of the Freshmen orientation at Illinois College (Not U of I - but I C - totally different head, ...totally). Us parents (yes I know my grammar is incorrect) were wandering around aimlessly from room to room feeling old, gray, fat and unattractive (except for me of course), wilst the Freshmen who were being orientated were busy trying to look cool.

Here's the thing though - I'm too young to have a kid in college!!!!!!!! Aren't I????? Guess not.

Oh, and here's the funny part - we took our son (Darian) to lunch afterwards and he hit me up for some $$ (half-jokingly of course) - ....I'd better get used to it.

We're freaking out a little bit (at least I am). He'll start school in about a month and a half. Some things will never be the same....

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