Tuesday, June 03, 2008



Yes, I have been absent for awhile. Busier than usual at work - which is where I would check in from time to time. As for my evenings - my mom has been out from CA and I haven't spent much time in front of my monitor - probably a good thing if you ask me. I have needed to detoxify a bit. The exciting news is that she is moving out here permanently in a couple of weeks and finding her own place.

On the political front - I am just apathetic. Yes, the Ron Paul crowd needs to leave me alone for a change, but what can you do - you can't choose your family. (Just kidding Charles - if you are reading this.) It has been interesting to watch Hillary and Barak go at it. Any thoughts from the rest of you on this one?

On a lighter note, we have been occupied with graduation season. Hmmm.....I will post later about some thoughts on the subject.


Jason_73 said...


I'd like to think the blood covenant that you signed to be a part of "the team" here would preempt family commitments and the like but alas...

And I don't think Chuck would ever read this blog. Too socialist for his blood.

Look forward to hearing from you soon. At your convenience of course! :)

Steve Oberg said...


Jason_73 said...

Whaaaa?!?!? Did I say something painful*

* Please note, all comments from me are tongue and cheek and written 150% light-heartedly. If I have offended any shadows, I apologize.

P.S. Is the oldest boy ready to graduate?!?! Woooo-oooOOOWWWW!

Time flys heh?

Many congrats to you guys!