Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Staying between the lines.

Summer is here. I think... We have had like 4 consecutive days of sunshine in British Columbia over the last week. Should I get excited? Things are plugging along.

Tomorrow is my sons last day of kindergarten. Crazy. I was watching him color last night. He was doing such a good job staying between the lines. I have a distinct memory of being a kid and having this weird revelation while coloring that I too should stay in the lines. It would make the picture look nicer. I was in Sunday school at a church in the San Fernando valley. I remember we sang "Jesus loves me" that morning. Strange how we remember such stuff... Anyhow, as I was watching Noah color and write his name, I took a moment to create a new lasting memory. In about five minutes from now he'll be 17 and finishing his last year of high school (by God's grace.) Just like 5 minutes ago it seems like we were living with my in-laws having just returned from the hospital in Langley with this little person.

Life's a trip.

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