Friday, August 08, 2008

What's going on...

Unfortunately, I am Here this week.

I was supposed to be here: At a cabin, overlooking Lake Barkley, KY.

Not Here.


Beth's folks both had medical issues this week. They were at separate hospitals for two nights. They are both fine now - and we're glad we stayed home for them. They're just not getting any younger, which is kind of hard. Sigh,
As for vacation - well, perhaps we'll get a break in a week or two.


Jason_73 said...

Well that's a bummer. Sorry to hear that guys.

Jason_73 said...

Wow, we blogged at the same time. Cool.

Steve Oberg said...

I noticed we had done it at the same time. Kewl!

Yeah, her folks are both home now - just aging type stuff. Her dad is 78! We live right across the street - so it's good that we're close.