Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sitting in bed.

That's right. I have finally reached the pinnacle of loser-dom by blogging from bed. I intended to bring my computer to bed to take notes for a sermon that I am preparing for this Sunday. But I have been checking out Dodger info instead. Oh well. My wife is out tonight doing some girl thing and would probably break something on purpose if she saw me right now!

Today my company finally finished that review that I had kind of mentioned. It's kind of weird, having prepared for it for a year and it being over with. Not that that is bad... I am quite pleased we don't have to deal with it for awhile, just weird that I'm not having to getting ready for something big so to speak.

In other news like I mentioned, I am preaching this weekend for the first time in over a year. I will actually preach this Sunday and the next one too while Paul is out of town. I honestly wasn't sure I ever would again but I got the invite and said "yes". It feels kind of natural and I'm not nervous yet. Who knows if I will be? To complete the "brief return to pastor-type" trifecta I will be marrying my friends in a couple of weeks. What do you know... maybe I was just on sabbatical and didn't realize it! I am preaching (at least I plan to) on paths to idolotry. The subject has fascinated me for years and I happen to be reading through 2 Chronicles right now so I thought I'd take a shot at it. Then week two I want to explore Idolotry vs. a culture of honor. We'll see though... Maybe I'll over prepare like always and have a 15 week series out of it.

Any thoughts on idolatry? Quotes, revelation on it that you may have had and want to share? I picked up some good reference books from Dave's today. Brought back memories of lugging around tons of commentaries back in the day. I love that part. I just need to remember where to turn it off and rely on the word, and the Word.

Pray for me if you think about it. That I will deliver God's appropriate word for the congregation, whatever that may be in a spirit of humility and grace. Dealing with topics around sin, I don't want to manipulative and condemning, yet filled with the redeeming gospel.

I'm babbling. I just so excited to be done with this test at work I'm losing all sense of what I should be blogging.

And I'm blogging from bed. That is pretty exciting too..

Seriously though, I want your thoughts of the stuff I mentioned!

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Steve Oberg said...

Idolatry: Well, what do I spend most of my time thinking about, engaged in (participating in or doing) spending my money on, exerting my energy for.....?