Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ferry embarrassment

So yesterday after the funeral I decided to take the ferry across the river to get to work. This isn't my usual route, but it was the quickest way to one of the group homes from my church and it's free. It's a little ferry that holds about 25 or so cars and will soon be replaced by a bridge. As luck would have it I missed getting on the ferry by just a couple of spots so I would have to wait to the next one. When the next one came I was on first and took the coveted lead car spot. All cars behind me. When we got to the other side (Like a 5 minute trip) I went to start my car and leave and nothing. No response. The first time my car has ever done that. It was horribly embarrassing and the guy kept signaling me to go. Finally after what seemed an eternity of holding everyone up they came out with a battery charger and started me up. 

Not a very exciting story for some. Just an embarrassing moment for me. 

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