Saturday, August 16, 2008

In response... "How the mighty have fallen"

In response to Jason's post - this is a little longer than a just a comment.

I remember participating in similar issues and contoversy (doctrinal) regarding Benny Hinn. Hinn is very likable, God has done some miraculous stuff in and around his ministry - and it is true, the guy has preached some VERY wacky stuff. So what can you do?

Paul in I Cor. talks about how some believers said, "I follow Paul..." others said, "I follow Apollos" - to which Paul said, "I follow Christ!"

As for Bentley? I personally don't know what to do with the guy. I have chosen to remain on the sidelines throughout this whole thing. I have been neutral.

I am the same way with Benny Hinn- neutral. I used to vehemently argue against his doctrine. Then, I went to a crusade (I was literally forced to go by my former Pastor - and boss). He (Hinn) spent a few minutes teaching some pretty basic innocous stuff. Then he led worship. It was an AWESOME time of worship. Then people started popping up shouting and dancing all around the room - made their way up front and starting giving testimonies of what God had just done. My mind changed instantly about his ministry. He was no longer trying to be a revolutionary Bible teacher digging for "hidden" truths. He was just up there leading worship and hearing from the Lord. Awesome! Do I "follow" the guy? NO. But I am now much less critical.
As for Todd Bentley, I am grieved. I am grieved in the same way I am with anybody who "falls" or whose mistakes, miss-steps or sin are revealed in the public eye (heck, even John Edwards for that matter). I still haven't read that much about any of the details - though it doesn't matter much. The fact is, we can all fall prey to the same kinds of things, especially in ministry. It is too easy to get our lives out of balance in the name of ministry.

King David was able to say of his former enemy -"Oh, how the mighty have fallen!" He could have rejoiced that he had been vindicated through Saul's death - and now he was out of danger and able to ascend the throne of Israel. Instead, he mourned the loss of someone "great" - WOW! I hope the story is still being written with Todd Bentley. I will admit, I was personally a bit turned off (as I usually am) by all the hype and hoopla. But I chose to remain neutral. I pray that he submits to authority, that he is teachable, humble - that his wife and kids are o.k. and that he is restored. We'll have to wait and see. I do believe we should be grieved. How the mighty have fallen!

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Jason_73 said...

Good stuff Steve.

I have been impressed with a sermon I heard from CJ Mahaney about 1 Corinthians and how Paul was able to rejoice and speak with grace for a church that caused him much grief and needed much correction. Regardless whether or not certain ministries match this or not, we can certainly maintain this same, graceful, attitude.