Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Todd-shaped hole

Over the past 30 days I've been in Lakeland and various other prophetic watering holes doing my best at a documentary on the whole outpouring move. It's been an honor to talk to people associated with the movement, especially the ones that were healed, saved or renewed by the ministry of ignited and fresh fire.

And what a time to do this in, right when the controversy breaks.

I'm not into divulging secrets or stirring up controversy, really. What I have seen here and there is how the church is pulling together in this mess, and how people are pressing in and not giving up, the church wants to see people saved and healed in spite of what has happened with Todd.

Revival, outpouring, renewal, whatever you want to call it, is going to continue. We charismatics would be lost without a good meetin', ya hear. There will be other outpourings, other revivals and lots of good kingdom stuff to occur very soon.

I was interviewing a really cool worship leader the other night, and she said something that really surprised me:

"I miss Todd. Todd should be back here."

This was different from the dozen or so interviews I've conducted since the reports. I've heard one too many times that "this is not about Todd, it's about God" and yeah that is true, but still.. I mean, how many healing evangelists are out there that appeal to such a wide variety of people?

I looked back at all the early youtube films that were so exciting: raw, real, powerful and most of all hopeful: the Gift of Healing had returned, and the guy leading us into it was just as raw and powerful as the Gift itself. It wasn't religious, it wasn't controlled, and there was a high entertainment value that went along with the miracles, signs, wonders.

And I'm not saying that Todd should be back when there are unresolved issues in his life to the extent that has been revealed, but when one very prominent and radical leader is taken out, it stings.

Yes we need to pray for Todd, yes hopefully he will be back, restored and well once again. But in the meantime the Todd-shaped hole needs to be filled with believers who can stir up the pot just as much. I think we need to be the ones taking the torch on and generating tangible healing radicalness, causing the world to see God is real.


Jason_73 said...

Good stuff Roy. I've been thinking and praying for you a bunch lately.

If you need some help on the documentary let me know. I can revise the whole Dessert Queen prophesy for you.

royzoner said...

can you do the Dessert Queen Prophecy in swaheli language? that would really cheer me up right now