Thursday, December 13, 2007

Totally random

I think I have my New Years resolution. I want to turn my old tired 240 Volvo wagon into a mustang eating speed wagon. I've been doing a bunch of research the last couple of nights and I'm starting to put together a staged based plan.

1. Suspension upgrade
- Front Bilstein HD Struts $279.94
- Rear Bilstein HD Shocks $166.92
- ipd Sport Springs (set of 4) $248.00
- ipd anti-sway bar $348.00
- ipd adjustable panhard bar $99.95
- new Volvo ball joints $50.64
- front polyurethane bushing kit $80.78
- front & rear wheel bearings $95.68

2. Engine rebuild
- rebuild kit $300.00
- engine gasket set $123.54
- engine mount $19.90
- polyurethane accessory bushing $6.50
- hood insulation $49.95
- oil pump $159.00
- timing belt, tensioner & seals $149.00
- new injector seals $23.59
- In-tank fuel pre-pump $49.43
- main fuel pump $140.14
- ipd adjustable cam gear $104.95
- new sodium exhaust valves $208.80
- new intake valves $35.88

3. Turbo upgrade
I need to do a bit more research on this. It looks like I can take the turbo, intercooler, downpipe, plumbing, wastegate and the hardware from a wrecked 240 turbo and just bolt it up. The good thing about putting a turbo in a non-turbo engine is that the compression is a bit higher so you get a more power and a faster spool up. A wrecked 240 turbo will also be good for some turbo mags and lots of extra switches and such. I'll probably end up putting a larger turbo, intercooler and a few other goodies to help speed things up.

4. Water injection system
- Water injection kit $642.00
- DDS3 System Monitor $297.00

With everything here, it should make around 300hp. I figure this car can easily last me a couple hundred thousand or more miles with it's cast iron block and head and I want to keep everything in top shape. In the end, it's much more reliable, much safer and way cheaper than making monthly payments for something new...and way more fun when you take a 5.0 off the line like it's a minivan.


Jason_73 said...

Terry, I think you should just by a Lotus. Or Dave's Camaro.

Terrance Wills said...

no way...that's too easy. I'd rather drop a couple grand into this wagon. Nothing is funnier than a grocery getter on speed.