Monday, December 31, 2007

"Christian guy totally owns Mormons"

So... A little history. When I was in high school, I was a tad... well irritating is one word. Idealistic, smug, a know-it-all, legalistic are terms that would also work. Basically your typical intense Christian goof that had it all figured out and felt charged with reaching all the infidels and other heathens with the truth. A large target of my missional mis-focus was the Church of Jesus Christ and their latter day saints. Nothing thrilled me more than yelling at some unsuspecting white shirt, black tie and name tag missionary on their bike that I thought their founder, Joseph Smith was the mouth piece of Lucifer. I bought every book on how to win arguments with Mormons in point-counter point fashion. We defaced the book of Mormon at the local library... It goes on an on.

Well, I tend to feel really bad about that part of my spiritual development from time to time. I'm glad I didn't follow evangelical path cause I'd probably be more part Fred Phelps than Jesus Christ at this point in my life.

All this to say that I came across this video on-line titled "Christian guy totally owns Mormons" and well, I guess he does. It's just crazy that:

A) They filmed this.
B) The Mormon guys come off way less obnoxious than the Christian guy.
C) Mitt Romney might be president of the U.S. of A.
D) That 1,854,749 people on-line have watched it.
E) The Christian guy is right.

I guess all this to say, Wierd.

I've learned there is so much more to faith and evangelism than point/counter-point books and sneak attack parking lot debates on whether or not Jesus and the devil are spirit brothers in the tellestial heavens.

Anyway, if you want to be the 1,854,750th guy to watch you can see the video here.

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Steve Oberg said...

I couldn't resist - didn't get throught the whole thing - but yeah, I agree. He was right - but cocky and obnoxious.