Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Nightly Rant

To follow Jesus is to live for something greater than ourselves. Our very soul cries out for this. That is why movies such as Braveheart, Gladiator & Cinderella Man strike such a chord in our hearts. The path is narrow and the demands are not few. They are not "some", they are not "just a little bit", but they are all of us. The part of us that Jesus's teachings or William Wallace's passion, Maximus's endurance, and Jim Braddock's love talks to is in my opinion, the part of God that lives in us. The truth of all these things connects to our spirit and prompts us to act. It cries out for justice, love, passion and most of all, restoration. The life and story of Jesus summons God in us.

On Earth as it is in Heaven...

God is mending this world so he can come to it as said in Rev 21:3. God is restoring creation with the blood of Jesus. God has always been and is always about restoring creation to what it was and where it should be, the next step from the Garden...New Jerusalem.

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Royzoner said...

Sounds like this is a nightly rant filled with some caffeine and the Holy Spirit-- good show mate