Friday, September 05, 2008

What if...

So Condeleeza Rice is in Libya meeting with Moammar Gadafi, and I read this quote in the article,

 "Whether or not Gadhafi is sporting his trademark dark sunglasses and is flanked by his usual corps of female bodyguards, his meeting with Rice, whom he once called "Leeza, my darling black African woman," will be one to remember."

So now run with me in your imagination on this one. 

What if...

They hooked up. Condi was overwhelmed with Moammar's charm, she fell madly in love with him and decided to never come home. You have to get into a "Classic Hollywood Cinema" headspace for this, maybe a little Disney, a little late night Cinemax, but wouldn't that be like the biggest story ever? Would they get a celebrity name like "Moam-eeza" or something? Paparazi shots of them eating icecream together in an oil field somewhere... Condi jealous of one of the female body guards, dumps him, and ends up with John Mayer and they have twins...?

If only life took more bizarre turns like this I wouldn't have to use my imagination all the time.

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Steve Oberg said...

You are sick my friend.....but what if....?