Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Latitudes and Platitudes

A busy week around the Hughlett household. Well for my wife anyway. She has been working tons of extra shifts, including a couple of insane doubles at the hospital. On top of that she is working a few evenings this week, has her class tomorrow and is decorating (she always goes large) for a ladies banquet at church. We miss her, but are looking forward to our vacation to California coming up in two weeks.

Two weeks! That is crazy. We already went once this year and now we're doing a second trip. That is not usually how we do things, jet-setting back and forth to So. Cal. But earlier this year I was in dire need of connecting with my kin folk and this time my little sister is getting married and we got some killer deals on tickets. So we're heading out soon. (the cool thing is the last time we went to Seaworld, the day pass they sell is good for a whole year, so when we go back we can use them again to get in for no cost)(and Seaworld is literally a block from my Mom's place in SD so that is good too.)

Other than that, I should mention for anyone that cares, and also to remind myself when I read these blogs again in the future that I heard back from the organization we were surveyed by last month, and we passed with flying colors. This is kind of a big deal in my micro world so that is a blessing. It took a lot of work, and having to jump over a few hurdles, but in the end it worked out good. I'm glad I could bless my boss with a good result. She deserves it. 

Well, it's late. I should head off to bed. It's been awhile since I blogged one of these "random-life" catch-up posts. It's good to capture these little moments. I'm glad the rest of the "team" allows such latitude. ;) I need to spend some time in my book. I'm reading Jerry Bridges "Pursuit of Holiness" and it is rocking my world. I am taking notes, so it is taking forever to get through but I don't mind. It's like eating a great meal that you never want to end. Very transformational. I look forward to reading it when I get the chance. So, I'm going to take the chance now. 

Also, one last thing. I picked up a CD last night (from iTunes) by a guy named Jonathan David Helser. Good stuff. I was blessed listening to it today at work. It was strangely comforting as I tried to digest the news out of India. More on that later. 

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