Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The drummer.

So some things that I am thinking about.

- This guy that showed up half-way through worship practice on Sunday who I have never seen before. He pulled out some drumsticks and asked if he could play. I was kind of taken aback and said maybe he could practice with us. Then I asked if he was a Christian. This question surprised him. He said he was. Then my back-up singer friend said his aftershave was too strong and that she was allergic to it. He said he'd go wash up and come back. He did, but it still bugged her so she apologized and told him. He seemed pretty put off by it and got in his car and left. Weird.

- Stay and pray or confront. I have been struggling for a bit. I have a few strong theological convictions that are being put to the test. There are a couple of people I really care about who are, in my opinion, off base on some stuff. I have been preaching the whole "Believe the best, pray the rest" thing for awhile. I really do want to find my greatest satisfaction in laying these concerns and issues at the feet of Christ and being content with that. I hate it when I do the alternative and I find myself murmuring/gossiping about them to my wife or other friends. I need to figure out what to do. I think the prayer thing can turn into a cop-out for never dealing with issues, never approaching a brother (or sister) to discuss differences, or perceived weaknesses or unbiblical theology. I pray for grace in this matter.

- Accountability and brotherhood. I think this may be the most under-rated aspect in Christianity. There is something unleashed in authentic, biblical relationship. Something in the power of confession, encouraging prayer. I think this is most appropriate when it is someone you worship alongside on a regular basis. I am desiring this, but have not made the appropriate connections with other guys in my church who are like minded, and are in a similar stage of life as me. Not that that is the be all - end all. Just kind of important. I don't think we were met to navigate this life alone.

- (warning, next segment is highly volatile and very immature in my thinking process) I also think the prosperity doctrine, mindset is a lot more than "health and wealth". I think it extends into our thinking on what we think God owes us in terms of  how he should be interacting with us. That there is some spiritual law of repricocity that God will fill our fantasies, and owes us a certain level of personal relationship. Maybe I shouldn't be projecting what God is revealing to me on everyone else though. It seems a majority of what I see  people prophesy or encourage each other in, is for abundance, prosperity, renewal, revival, big happenings and happy times. I don't know about this, it doesn't necessarily fit the major theme of scripture... again, just some thinking

- My wife is working like a mad women. She has been taking tons of double shifts at the hospital. She's doing another tonight, and then this weekend is working doubles on both Saturday and Sunday. We are leaving on Tuesday to California for 11 days so the thinking is, we can all rest then. Hopefully we make it to then. It's nuts, they just opened a new hospital that is like 30% larger but have the same staffing ratio. For instance, my wife works in maternity, and they went from have 12 beds to 30. And it seems the same amount of staff. There are currently 4 un-filled shifts that the regular staff are covering. My wife had worked the last two years waiting and dreaming about getting a shift like that and now they can't give them away. 

- Just blogging. Put the boy to bed, Went to his parent-teacher open house thingy tonight. It's a trip watching him interact with others. He's an independent soul. Doesn't really need others to entertain him. Kind of floats from one area to the next. Other kids are buddied up with others, but not the boy. He doesn't seem lonely though. His teacher seems to enjoy him. She gave me a glance of relief to know, that I know he's a busy, impulsive kid. He's a reader though. She said he is the class reader and she can't pull him away from books. She is kind of amazed at how well he does. So am I. He been reading everything since he was in kindergarten. Out of the blue he looked up from the table and asked what "caffeine" was after he read it on a can of pop. Pronounced it perfectly. He's a good kid. I hope I don't continue to provide bump in the road for him with my rookie dad mistakes...

- We had our TV turned back on last night after it being off for the summer. I am sad it is back on. Still full of crap. Really that isn't even an exaggeration. Crap. In the banal, profane, literal sense. Only this crap isn't redeemable in that it can be turned into fertilizer. We decided we would watch the first episode of "Heroes" and I got up in the middle and went to bed. Not good. But people like TV, and they are probably thinking I'm judging them. Sorry. Not trying to. 

- The last thing, and maybe this could be a post all in it's own... THE ABSOLUTELY WORST THING ABOUT THE US ELECTIONS IS HAVING TO HEAR PEOPLE LIKE LINDAY LOHAN SHARE THEIR POLITICAL VIEWS. as if anyone out there thinks, "Thank goodness I know where Lindsay and her girlfriend stand on the issues, now I can make an informed vote!"

Well, I've brain-dumped enough for today. That is all. Thanks for glancing at this long post and saying... "No thanks!"

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Steve Oberg said...

Jason - couldn't agree more. I don't want my kids to remember me being there but *not* being there.
BTW - You have become one of my biggest influences.... you sexy dog, you.....