Friday, September 26, 2008

Influence part 1

I've been listening to a really wonderful, candid interview with a prominent Christian pastor/writer. The person asked him who his influences were and he mentioned his father who was an traveling evangelist and his mother. One of the things he remembered was his parents principally reading the bible. Kind of a generic statement I guess, but then I thought:

"What will my son remember me doing (or how I spent my downtime)?"

a. Sitting behind a lap-top.
b. Sprawled out on the couch for hours watching meaningless TV.
c. Always clutching a sports magazine.
d. Always reading some book *
e. In God's word.

I really want to make it the latter.

* There is nothing wrong with any of these morally neutral activities. My point is how I want my son to remember what I spent my time doing.

Posted by: Jason


Steve Oberg said...

So, I posted a comment on the wrong post. This new-fangled template..... nice and clean, but a little confusing.

Jason_73 said...

haha, Sorry. Yeah a little confusing, but since it's only the two of us reading it we're OK!