Friday, February 08, 2008

A post about music.

So for some reason I have really been having a musical renaissance this year. I used to be consumed with music and bands and being musical. Now not so much. Whenever I play my guitar my fingers just kill because I don't hardly play. But enough about that, here are the albums that I have been enjoying a lot lately.

John Mark McMillan - "How He loves us" I stumbled across this song yesterday online and I think it is my new favorite song of 2008. Probably cemented by the youtube video than goes along with it. I was stoked to find out it's on iTunes and will race home to buy it and the rest of the record. Thank God for iTunes. Well, thanks for the good music on iTunes. Not the crappy stuff.

Wintersleep "Welcome to the night sky" - Even though the name of the band sounds like some cheesy 1990's doom-core thing they are by far one of my favorite finds this year. And they are from Canada. Kind of remind me of Damien Jurado. A lot, but that is OK. I like Damien Jurado. A lot.

Waterdeep - "Heart Attack Time Mchine" No, it's not the same band that I just mentioned. I think Waterdeep is one of three bands that I would go out of my way to see in concert. Don and his wife Lori continually write apposite, worshipful music that I can relate to. Their worship album is definitely in my 5 records I'd have on an island list. Wow... one of three bands I'd see live and 5 albums I'd have on an island...?

Thrice - "The Alchemy Index" Just saw them last night. They are one of my 3 bands I wanted to see. There new album is wonderful and confirms I couldn't have invented a band any better to suit my tastes than Thrice. "Burn the fleet"
and "Digital seas" are brilliant songs.

Against Me! - "New Wave" Whenever I have like 5 minutes left on the elliptical and I need to finish strong I go to the first couple tracks on this great record. Now if you haven't guessed, the only three bands that I would go out of my way and see live are Waterdeep, Thrice and U2. I thought seriously about getting tickets to see Against Me! with the Foo Fighters. But I didn't! Still really good though and have probably helped me drop 5-1o pounds!

Attack in Black - "Marriage" Saw them open up for Thrice last night and thought they lived up to my hype. Unfortunately their merchandising skills suck. I wanted to get a shirt and lurked around their table for far too long with a bunch of 16 year old emo kids. When I left and came back they were sold out of all the good shirts, which I guess they had only brought one of each, and only had some sissy flowery looking shirt left. But their music is still super, even if Terry thought they we're baked like salamanders.

Others of note. Bruce Springsteen "magic", and The National "boxer". Both in rotation on the iPod.

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