Sunday, February 10, 2008

My goings on with the other Polycarpers.

  • So Steve has a really important post about chili over at his blog. I was kind of hoping that when we started this theological juggernaut over here he would post that kind of stuff here. He also has quite the new banner....
  • Terry and I went to see Thrice the other night. We also saw a band called "Say anything" that we both agreed was terrible. I was almost sold on them though when they played their first song and shouted in classic rock star fashion "How are you F@#$%N' doing VANCOUVER!?!?!" Whatever. Far be it from me to tell people what they can and can't like.
  • Terry has also started another blog. He's a handsome photog you know.
  • The kids today. I guess I am officially old now. When you start to criticize the kids. Joey Ramone would probably punch me in the nose if he heard me say this but, the kids are dressing like total tools these days. I will be 35 in like 2 weeks so I guess that plays into it a bit.
  • Dave and I had coffee the other night. We are going with the wives to see U23D tonight as well. That is very exciting for me. We might even take the sky train in. How is that for cosmopolitan?
  • Roy? Well he lives in England. I may never actually be in the same room as him again. But if we did happen to be in the same one it probably would have looked like the one I was in last night. My church is hosting a conference called... "Firestorm". It is actually a ministry called Firestorm that is up from Reddings Bethel church. It was an interesting night. Roy would have enjoyed it. Especially when people started to find feathers and gems around them. It was interesting. My church that usually has 80% vacancy in the pews on Sundays was jam packed full. People had to park out on the road and everything. I know that those people there don't usually come to my church, but I took a picture for posterity sake just to pretend what it would be like. I'm totally baffled by church these days, but that is another post for another time.


Royzoner said...

feathers and gemstones? aww dude you know I'm all about those things. Can you mail a few of them here?

Jason_73 said...

Sorry Roy. They are locked in a vault under some holy relics and martyrs bones in the church basement.

Steve Oberg said...

Basement? Our church keeps our relics and martyrs' bones up in the attic. Wouldn't want to risk ruining such important stuff in the off chance there's a flood y'now.

Jason_73 said...

But the basement is so much closer to where all the altars to the dead are located silly!