Monday, February 04, 2008

Meet your fellow Polycarpers! Introducing Roy Petersen

So in the latest installment of the thrilling interview series here on the blog, I finally tracked down my old friend Roy who was just in the middle of vacationing to his homeland of the U.S of A. He was gracious to answer my questions. They are indeed good questions and I feel a bit for Steve and Terry who got rather bland questions from me. Roy's are good though.

A little more intro. Roy is my friend from the days of living in Virginia Beach back in the early 90's. We went to the Vineyard together right when the Toronto Blessing was just taking off. I think we were all rebuked at one time or another by some mature Christian brother for sharing our nutty visions while interrupting guitar worship time or manifesting by playing leap frog with each other during the sermon... I remember Roy getting a prophesy once that he would go to England and make films. Sure enough, he lives there now with his wife making films and stuff. Anyhow check out more of Roy's stuff on his site... good stuff.

Do you still have that guitar I gave you? ;)

That was one of the most generous gifts I’ve ever been given. I even took guitar lessons for like 6 months cos of it. Right now though it has a special place in my parent’s garage in New Jersey.

Do you miss your old Volvo from your
Va. Beach days?

Oh yeah. The mustard yellow Volvo with the cool Christian Fish on it. At the time I was being mentored by the true Vineyardite Kurt Grossman and he always drove Volvo’s so I had to emulate him.

What are the 5 c.d.s and 3 books you would need if you took tom hanks place on that island in castaway.

Joshua Tree U2

Daniel Amos’ Motorcycle

Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti

Beatle’s Rubber Soul

Anything by The Love Gods – they rock.


Gospel of John (The Message version and possibly the NIV)

The Healing Presence by Leanne Payne (that’s just for you, Jason)

Any CS Lewis anthology

Save the Cat

Personal Power by Anthony Robbins

What websites to you check to most?

I have a subscription to Covenant Eyes, would you like the latest report? Nahhh,..that would have to be the Drudge Report, the New York Times, and probably Headphonaught’s Nanolog—the coolest indie blog there is, next to Team Polycarp, of course.

If you had a 5 minute interview with the Bible Answerman what would you make sure you asked him?

I would begin by playing some Morninstar Tunes, singing along to them as the worship builds and then loudly pray in the Spirit just as we did back in the Copeland’s Home Kinship group back in the 90’s, remember? I would then, in the last two minutes, prophesy life to those dead bones and declare his healing and transformation.
What is God teaching you right now?

He’s teaching me about Love and how I gotta be dead to self and alive to life, not to care what other people think and just do it. It’s like a Nike ad with more theological accuracy.

What is a theological truth that you would die on the side of a mountain for? A truth that is non-negotiable to you…?

There is such a thing as the Third Heaven, and people can go there anytime.

What is the one movie/short film you have made that you wish everyone could see?

I wish everyone would see my first short film, Tubular, cause it’s funny, classy and wacky. And it has a great soundtrack.

Who would you say your best friend is?

Jesus, and my pet cat from childhood, Timmy.

Are you an alumni in good standing at Regent University and with CBN, or in other words, would Pat Robertson punch you in the nose if he ran into you?

The last time I talked with Pat, he was on his way out of CBN studios, and heading toward his Corvette. I yelled to him, and I said “Sir?” and he turned and said “Yes?” and I said, “Sir ignore the time I gave you a prophecy to Dance Naked before The Lord—a few of us are doing a pilot tv show called Free Donuts at the Revolution—would you take a look at it when it’s ready?”

He said “yes” and then walked away.

Do you still resent my flesh puppet prophesies of ‘93?

I think the Flesh Puppet prophecy was something like “Lord we are just your humble flesh puppets,” right? Flesh puppets would be a great concept for experimental improv theatre.

What is your favorite bible passage?

Which Bible?

What is one thing you miss most about living in the states?

The ability to drive long distance in a Mustard Yellow Volvo, drinking Unsweetend Ice Tea from Wendy’s, and listening to the Bible Answer Man.

What is the best thing about living in England?

The pound is worth twice the dollar. Great for vacations to the USA.

If you were commissioner of the church for the day and could change one thing, what would it be?

“”””Flesh puppet finger puppets for EVERYONE! “””

What quality most blesses you in other believers?

Those who are truly loving and prophetic. They can see right through ya but still think God’s in your life.

What movie or film got you inspired to make movies and films?

I think the 89th time I saw E.T. I became inspired to make some form of moving media image. That, plus the fear that I would be relegated to producing bad Christian television if I didn’t take a new career path.

What person from your past would you most like to reconnect with?

My friend Cathy Falgout died last year, it would be great to at least have a final conversation with her—she was truly loving and prophetic. But oh ,.. wait,… no, I am not talking about talking to the dead, Mr. Bible Answer Man—so I rebuke that, sir!

What three people from history or present would you love to have dinner with?

The guy (or gal) that wrote the Gospel of Thomas

George Lucas in his pre–ewok days

Axl Rose post Chinese Democracy

Beatles or U2?

Urrgggghhhhh that is such a tough question. Let me go pray about it


Luke Gilkerson said...

Hope your Covenant Eyes account is working well. Good to hear about people out there who find the program useful.

God bless,
Luke Gilkerson
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headphonaught said...

Hey Roy and all at Team Polycarp... thanks for the mention! You are an inspiration, my friend, and I hope I conveyed that to you when we hooked up for a panini near MoMA last weekend in NYC. Love you, man.

Thanks too for the intro to this fab blog > Team Polycarp... you are now in my gReader and I look forward to more insights.


Thomas aka Headphonaught

oh and I didn't write the Gospel in question.