Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Can't believe I'm the first among our group to say that! Brant at Kamp Krusty has an equation that would be worth figuring out. Enjoy! It is a formula that helps to figure out weather you should ask someone out on a date, lower your standards or just give up!

As for me and Beth, here's what the numbers say:

I came up up with -.87 - giving myself a 5 for wittiness, 1 for aggressiveness (I was a wimp in H.S. when I met her), a 6 for attractiveness (back then I was a lot thinner) and a 9 for her attractiveness (lets just say I was aiming high). She wasn't very attached at the time so I gave that a 2. According to the scale she was WAYYYY out of my league. after 18+ years, I'd say she still is! What about you guys?

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Jason_73 said...

I'm horrible at math. It may take me awhile to figure this one out...