Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Going's on.

Lets see...

Steve is on his way to Africa with his lovely wife to share the treasure of the gospel.

Terry has a grin that he can't wipe off his face and is headed to live in Japan in a few months.

Roy is drinking starbucks and reading C.S. Lewis in some trendy England spot while bitter with people eating hamburgers on the tube.

David is in Seattle for the Resurgence conference with Driscoll, John Piper and Chandler... I imagine the word "gospel" has been said roughly 65,789 times and there are a thousand guys rocking those cell phone head set ear things... (Hey Dave, say hi to our missional Seventh Day Adventist friend if you see him)

Me, Jason, am sitting on his couch blogging about everyone else. And headed to California and Mexico with the family in two weeks FOR SPRING BREAK!!! WOO HOO!!!

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Steve Oberg said...

Sitting here in D.C. on a lon layover.