Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Some stuff I am thinking about right now...

1. How hard it is to get back into the blogging rhythm after missing a few days.

2. This funny link that Steve sent me Go Obama/Palin 08!

3. Luke 14. It's amazing how Jesus had no problem making a big crowd smaller.

4. The movie Iron Man. It was good. For some reason my wife and I are suddenly into purchasing DVD's. Not sure why. But we are.

5. Why gas prices are not falling in Canada at the rate they are in the states. That and Canadians pay the highest cell phone rates in the industrialized world, AND we're taxed like nuts too.

6. About the tussle over whether or not to allow homosexual couples to marry in California. California is definitely a post-Christian, non new testament following society. What do people expect? Seriously though, like Dan Kimball is talking about, if it's just about love why not allow polygamy? But then again, the sanctity of marriage was lost a long time ago. How many marriages occur totally outside the Judeo-Christian spectrum already by allowing Elvis impersonators to marry drugged out celebrities for 20 day marriages. Nobody was up in arms over that... Who knows?

7. Thinking about how my wife says I've been too negative on the old blog lately... I guess that's what happens when your in the down cycle of ones bi-polar lifestyle... ;)

8. Also thinking about heading back to my old blog. I know, I know. This has become kind of like my blog, but that wasn't the point when I started and I still feel weird posting personal stuff here... What do you think...?


roy said...

could you be in a Blog Malaise?

Steve Oberg said...

I agree - we should post theological minutia and duke it out like we did(n't do) in the old days man!

Regarding the sanctity of marriage stuff - while I agree that the so-called "christian right" shouldn't stick it's nose into politics so much, this is a dangerous issue for the church. Here's why - should the no vote win (btw - this was voted on, and then overturned by the Ca supremist court) - it will very likely become a hate crime to refuse to marry a gay couple - at least one church on the east coast has already lost their 501C(3) status by refusing to do so last year. We could see pastors going to jail over this one issue - not just in CA - but all across the US. Many couples have visited CA to officiate their same-sex marriages with the express purpose of challenging the validity of this amendment should it pass - in their home states - which brings the issue to their own state. Check it out on Focus on the Family's website for more fax if you want.

Jason_73 said...

But Steve... Is it so wrong for the church to get a little dangerous?

Is it so wrong to lost tax exempt status?

I totally think that it's vital for believers to make Godly, informed, sacrificial choices at the election booth. But with the obvious decay in our society's desire to live in a New Testament lifestyle, we need to prepare for defeat in such matters.

I guess the hazy point is to what extent to we endorse, promote, defend, raise our voice in the public debate without being marginalized like Focus on the Family.

Steve Oberg said...


Understood (as far as marginalizations), and who cares about tax-exempt status, really. The bigger issue (for me) however is that this is just one more step in the wrong direction. It is quite possible that in the near future nobody will be able to voice a dissenting opinion in favor of a Biblical world-view without being labeled a "hater" or worse. This is already happening to a degree - but stuff like this opens the door to an "offical" assault on conservative, Bible-believing evangelical christianity. Just by holding a traditional view of marriage - we become guilty of a hate-crime. I just don't like it, that's all.

I don't know, maybe that's what we need in America to separate sheep from goats.

Jason_73 said...

I agree. ;)

Like Piper says in the video above, it may be that the gospel can go forth more when times are tougher than when they are better..

The hard thing for me is, as this culture war erupts, we need to have the same attitude as Christ. I'm hoping that is where the true separation of the sheep and goats takes place. And I think the first fruit/sign will be in attitude and concern for the things of this world. Having too much invested in this earthly kingdom. I hate it when the voices that represent Christianity are the loud obnoxious ones that scream that Obama is the anti-christ and Palin is filled with the Ghost and God's will is for the pipeline in Alaska to go through...

I don't know. Interesting times. Maybe someday we can brag we lived through it...