Saturday, May 31, 2008

What the Team Polycarp'ers are up to....

Roy- Roy is in Lakeland, Florida for the big outpouring-revival thing that is happening. He is also blogging about it over at his blog.

He mentioned this morning that while at the conference they announced the 18th report of someone being raised from the dead...


I'm sure that news will go a long way to either bringing much legitamacy to this happening or a whole lot of controversy. I hope it's the former... For lot's of reasons...

Terrence -
Well, if you had Facebook and were his friend, you would know why he never posts here. He is smitten in love. Really heavily. I just looked at like 6000 kissy-huggy engagement pictures and his daily status is always something about how over the moon in love he is. (P.S. I am sooooo happy for you Terry!)

David - He's blogging some great stuff over at his blog. We had coffee time the other night and solved some century old theological debates. I also recommended to him to buy a second home in Louisville, KY. because he seems to go there every other week for another conference.

He is missing in action. Other than his cryptic post from a week ago with a photo of a hot dog shaped into the form of some Hebrew syntax. I think he is sending us warning messages from the state of Illinois about the condition of the Republican party.

Cryptic internet message to Steve

"Steve.. where are you!?!?


Has the Illinois Libertarian party got you trapped in a vietnamese corrugated metal hot house forcing you to continue to campaign for Ron Paul?? We are here to help!

/Cryptic internet message back to Steve

Jason- I am happy and enjoying my job and posting at least once a day here at the blog. Still wishing for an occasional post from my cyber-buddies. ;)

one last thing...

TEAM POLYCARP activate! Form of a ice glacier! Form of an Octopus!"

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