Saturday, May 10, 2008

Some sites to visit... Some have been mentioned before.

Stuff Christians like. Funny, funny stuff.

Letters from Kamp Krusty
. Funny thoughts from one of Steve's old friends.

A very powerful moment with Francis Chan. (From ((who also posts interesting stuff)))
(As a matter of fact it just occurred to me how much I love Francis Chan. The funny thing is I don't remember where I came across his sermons. Usually I come across a speaker because they are apart of some theological camp/idea that I'm excited about. But as I listen to Francis I have no idea what his theology is other than Jesus. I have no idea if he is a Calvinist or an Armenian, a charismatic or a... non-charismatic... you get the idea. It is really refreshing.)

The plow.
Interesting stuff. I usually click on it when I see it in my RSS feed

What's new with Becky
. A Christian TV producer who follows around the President of the USA. Or POTUSA as she refers to him. She talks a bit about bread pudding, but for some reason I find it fascinating.

Stone made Flesh
. Dave's new blog. Be forewarned though. Dave gets you excited with a new blog for about a month but then deletes it.

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