Saturday, May 31, 2008

Blogging again on a Saturday morning.

I had crazy dreams all night long last night. The old "I can't find my homework, I'm late for school" have now been replaced by "I'm leading worship in five minutes and I can't find my chords sheets in the key I need them". Awesome.

Noah is once again watching cartoons. This time it's Tom and Jerry, waaaaaay better than George shrinks. The wife is sleeping in again. She loves to sleep in. Loves it. I also had weird dreams about feeling guilty cause there are a few people that keep asking to be my friend on Facebook but I'm not accepting them...

Every Saturday for the last month I've been feeling I needed to get out into our little micro-front yard and do some micro-gardening. It is a small patch of land, yet needs some up- keep. A family member I will not name recently commented that our little front space/yard was the tackiest and most unkempt in the whole complex. That is quite a feat. Having only about 10 square feet of space and ensuring it's tacky. Bravo to me! I was thinking this morning of kicking it up a notch and getting some old auto parts and strewing them around my little space with some crushed beer cans.

I just watched a Saturday morning commercial on cyber-bullying. Are you kidding me? Man, that sucks. At least in the past you could go home and have respite from bullying for 10 hours in between school days. Now these losers invade that sanctuary. How hard it is to be a kid these days? Whoever thought growing up in the bloods and crips, gang invested 1980's and 90's would have been the golden years. My kid is never ever EVER having a public internet profile. Ever. Just decided that. (and here I won't accept certain people as my Facebook friends... hypocrisy...?)

Well. I guess I should get to the gym this morning. The only problem with that is it will push the rest of the day away from the doing something with the tacky and unkempt micro front yard/space. Hmmmmm. But then again, I ate poorly yesterday and need to hit the gym. I'd rather my personal "front yard" is looking good... ;)

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