Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So much stuff going inside my head. I have a huge thing at work (that I know I've been repeating myself about a lot) in a week. My self esteem, career, and sanity all lie in the balance of my passing or failing a big survey. The company I work for has international accreditation with this company. They come just once every three years to survey and ours is due on the 11th. There is so much to be done in anticipation of it. Kind of a long story why. I've been trying my best to learn what needs to be done as well and the language and logic that go with this company. I'm not making sense, but hopefully I will in a few weeks. Oh and my wife's 30 birthday is this Sunday! No pressure!

So the lack of postings can be attributed to this. Maybe some of the other team members can pick up the slack! (Cause they sure aren't posting on their blogs much! ;)

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