Thursday, July 03, 2008

The lost chapter of Galatians.

The following fragments were discovered recently in the lower Hebron valley. Biblical Archaeologists and scholars are trumpeting it as the single worst discovery of fake biblical text since the discovery of the lost gospel of Judas.



"1 Brothers, I forgot to add something... when I viewed the youtube video of our brother Peter again eating with some of the circumcision sect I challenged him indirectly via the comment sections of one of the greek brother's blogs. 2 I want you to forget everything that I wrote the Corinth church about dealing with your brothers in the faith discreetly and in private to avoid bringing disrepute to the body. I say again, forget that. It is much better, as the young ones say, to "flame them" with your blog posts or church gossip. 3 LOOK HOW I TYPE THESE WORDS WITH MY OWN HANDS ALL IN CAPS AND MAKE THEM BOLD, take advantage of the internet where you never actually have to get to know someone, and can spout off sweeping and ill informed judgments upon them while damning them to hell!

Sadly for some, this false scripture is made real and manifest through actions. I sure hope corporations get total control of the internet, jack up the prices, have outrageous subscription fees for sites like google causing folks to cancel the internet. Then maybe the christian hit squad would cancel their internet, shut off their computer and take their attacks back into living rooms and church hall ways.


roy said...

man I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU WOULD ACTUALLY WRITE THIS that is so defaming scripture. :)

our words have power, therefore youtube commentators would be best behooved to use their words carefully, and to build up and not tear down. i am learning this with every new clip i put on youtube, may I get more grace to either bypass or respond in love with comments.

Steve Oberg said...


Jason_73 said...

The sad thing though is that most of these folk are of the idea the are on some mission to purge the infidels from the holy lands so to speak and have total autonomy to say whatever in defense of "the gospel". I'm not sure that reasoning with them will get you far.