Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday morning thoughts from Jason.

  • I sure wish I could drive our new Ford to work everyday (It's my wifes) It has a snazzy Mp3 jack that lets me plug my iPod into it and I can listen away. This morning I heard an amazing sermon from Francis Chan of Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley, Ca.
  • You to can listen to this sermon, and everyone that reads this blog I know, and think you would be blessed by it. Go to the link above for Cornerstone Church, click on media, then sermons, then select 2/24/08 "Reviving our hearts for worship". I think you will be blessed.
  • Did I mention you'd be blessed by it?
  • I was praying yesterday about some stuff (stuff not meant for public knowledge as of yet) and I was talking to God about my needs in this issue. I then felt a bit convicted that I should be praying for the others involved and not so much for my needs. Then I started to think about the old, spiritually healthier, excited Jason and how he would have handled it by trying to get involved and help solve problems and right the ship. I then started to think about how now, I am horrified by the thought of getting involved . I have zero confidence n in an area I once thought was my strength. So I prayed "God, I'm sorry I can't offer anything... just my broken little prayers." Then the revelation, or reminder, or maybe just a thought came to me saying "and you thought that anything you offered before was more than a broken little prayer?" Even if I felt I was at the top of my game, an iron man of faith and prudence, a victor over sin, I would still need God to handle every single moment of my life 100% of the time. The old, "spiritually healthier", excited Jason thought he would, and could handle some of the load for the big guy upstairs.
  • So that leads me to wonder, is this prolonged valley of complexity, depression and desperation a healthier place for me to be than when I thought I was "on track"? Or are they just two different eras of my life?
  • Oh, I was just kidding a couple of posts ago about not believing in hell anymore. Just a foolish way to start some controversy on the blog. Oh yeah, I still believe in hell! How pleasant that is.

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