Monday, January 14, 2008

Meet your fellow Polycarpers! Introducing Terrence (Terry/BigT) Wills

So in the second installment of the Meet the Polycarpers! series, I present to you Terry. I know from experience that Terry enjoys a good pulled pork sandwich, Volvo's, sensitive touchy-feely acoustic guitar musicians and taking photos. He also is very skilled in touching the computer.

Without further ado;
20 questions for Terry Wills

What are your nick names?

I had t-dog in high school along with “the vat of useless information” (Ed. note - I was looking for donkey personally...)

What was your first car? 1978 T-bird

What are the 5 c.d.s and 3 books you would need if you took Tom Hanks place on that island in "Castaway".

CD: Gordon Lightfoot - greatest hits, Donavon Frankenreiter – Move by yourself, Gary Jules – Trading snakeoil for woldtickets, Xavier Rudd – food from your belly & Ray Lamontage – Till the sun turns black

Books: Bible of course, Confessions of St. Augustine & probably some book on how to survive and get off an island for dummies

What websites to you check to most? Facebook, wikipedia, craiglist & a scrabble cheat site that’s top secret

Do you have a passion for hand tools? A passion…I have a great use for them but I don’t know about passion.

What is God teaching you right now? Grace…grace for people, grace for myself and grace for the church

What is a theological truth that you would die on the side of a mountain for? A truth that is non-negotiable to you…? Love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourselves supersede your judgment on others and should be the foundation of evangelism and our walk in this world.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Good question…either Japan or somewhere else in the world that God has lead me to.

Who would you say your best friend is? Jesus. On earth, Brianna

What would your dream concert line-up be? Donavon Frankenreiter, Gary Jules, Xavier Rudd (going to see next month), Ray Lamontage, U2, Rage Against The Machine, Massive Attack, Journey…how long can this concert be?

How does it feel to finally have made peace with the motor vehicle dept.? Of course…It’s only money.

What is your favorite bible passage? Matthew 9:13

Where would you rather spend a Saturday: at a conference on missional theology or a car show? Depends on the cars…and on the theology to be honest.

Are you a good cook? I love to cook and I’ve been told I’m good. I think I have a long way to go though.

If you were commissioner of the church for the day and could change one thing, what would it be? I would teach about grace for the church more.

What quality most blesses you in other believers? Humility

What thing that masks itself as spiritual but you know its not, would you like to change about the church? I don’t know but I think that sometimes people get so caught up in an emotional response that they mistake it for the Holy Spirit. Again, God has grace for us and our mistakes.

What person from your past would you most like to reconnect with? My Big Brother. He moved to Nova Scotia and then to the UK.

What three people from history or present would you love to have dinner with? Oh man… Jesus, Mother Teresa and Audry Hepburn.

If I told you to make an acronym from your first name what would it be?

That excentric runderful ravishing yak? You do one.


Steve Oberg said...

It just so happens that I read quite frequently from Augustine's confessions too. (I have a copy in my bathroom.)

Jason_73 said...

I don't know about all you guys reading about someone else's confessions... How 21rst century tabloid fixated are we...?

Next we'll be reading "Dirty secrets between Athanasius and Antony"

Steve Oberg said...

If you want some real dirt you should read about Abelaard and Heloise - Scandalous! Plus it's a real tear-jerker!

Terrance Wills said...

Just as long as you're not reading confessions of St.Aguilera