Thursday, January 24, 2008

Driving to work.

So I have a commute. In the beginning I tried to be spiritual and prayed and listened to sermons. Now, I just try to stay awake and listen to sports talk radio. Well, the Canuck's have been losing a bit lately and nothing drives me crazier than the 100,000 or so hockey coaches that call up and have all the Canuck's problems figured out, or the callers that are full speed ahead into doom and gloom mode.

So I flipped over to the Christian radio station and realized why that drives me equally nuts. Their slogan is "family safe and family friendly" radio. Does that strike anyone else as odd? Is that meant to attract people or scare them away? Is there some pagan out there driving around thinking, "Man... I really need to find a radio station where all the music sounds like 1990's power ballads with virtually the same sounding guy singing everything... and they have to have the same song covered by at least four different people... that would be safe for my family... and NO Gwen Stefani or Matchbox 20!"

Are the sermons they air that come on from the Chuck's (Swindoll and Smith) and Dr. David Jeremiah really suppose to be "safe" and "friendly"?

I guess they might be talking about their on-air DJ's. They won't use any crude humor and if your lucky they will play the "Guess what this sound is" game is and give away tickets to the Third Day concert at the fair.

I don't really begrudge them for their on-air content. People like it and I'm sure it ministers to people. I just am not down with the way they are marketing themselves as "safe". That is all.

I really want a family dangerous Christian radio station to start up! I'm sure that would fly :)


Steve Oberg said...

Reminds me of a particular talk-show guy that used to put a condom over the mic and call it safe-talk.

Steve Oberg said...

So, how bad is this commute of yours? Used to take me close to 2 hours to go 40 miles - stop and go. Now I go 30 ish miles in about a half hour - I might see a dozen cars between cities:)

Jason_73 said...

No my commute on average is an hour each way. Not horrible, not bad.

It's just becoming an obsession to try and cut time off it for me!

If I had no traffic ahead of me and the roads we wide open it would take me 40 minutes door to door. So I guess an hour isn't horrible... basically 20-30 minutes of traffic on a bad day.

Terrance Wills said...

Sign me up. I'd love to hear Dangerous Christian Radio. I wonder how safe John the Baptist felt being a Christian. Maybe he needed some safe Christian radio in his life.

Anonymous said...

Re David Jeremiah, Google "Deceiving and Being Deceived" by MacPherson, also "Thieves' Marketing." Does anyone really believe that belief in a pretrib rapture is an incentive for holy living? Marge

Jason_73 said...

Sorry, I don't really understand the question...

My only thoughts are that Christ's work on the cross and God's love for us is incentive for holy living regardless of when he returns.