Friday, November 30, 2007

from my phone!

So I'm headed to the island this weekend to celebrate my 7th annivversary with my beautiful wife. We're getting on the ferry soon and I wanted to see if I could blog from my phone... Not bad heh!


Steve Oberg said...

Has is really been 7 years?? How much is that in pounds?? Just kidding! I probably have you beat there.

Royzoner said...

is that the island you purchased as a wedding gift or another island altogether?

Jason_73 said...

You know, I have averaged an 8 pound weight gain each year. But have lost 30ish of it over the last year... Got a few more to go.

No Roy, it wasn't the island I got Naomi for our wedding. We had to sell that for gas money. I blame OPEC.