Thursday, November 29, 2007

Interesting Sermon

I was listening to a friends sermon tonight...I'm sure a couple of you know him...Bob Gadd. Anyhow, he illustrates some pretty important points, one being, how we look at sexual sin compared to material sin. How man days did you pick up a Playboy or Hustler this week? How many times did you pick up a Future Shop or Best Buy flyer? I understand that sexual sins are sins committed against Christ (1 Cor 6:15), but why are they looked at so differently when we are taught to love God with all our heart and love our neighbors as ourselves? Are both of these not the most important commandments?

Just a thought.


Dave said...

That is definitely true Terry. We often highlight certain sins above others when we should be focusing on all sin, and working towards putting it to death. Recently while reading a book by Jerry Bridges I was convicted of the sin of self-righteousness in my life. This is one of those sins we would often ignore. Bridges brings up a good point commenting on the older brother in the prodigal son story saying, "Jesus’ criticism of the older brother is implied rather than stated. But it is obvious that He puts the older brother in the same category as the self-righteous Pharisee. Yet the older brother would have qualified as an elder or a deacon in any of our churches today and would have been highly regarded. We need to learn the lesson Jesus was teaching and to see the hideousness of the sin of self-righteousness."
Bridges also has a new book on this topic that I am looking forward to reading called: Respectable Sins: Confronting the Sins We Tolerate. Anyway just thought you brought up a good point and wanted to comment.

Terrance Wills said...

Thanks for the comment Bro. Hope everything is going well.

I'll have to check that book out, it sounds like a good read.

God bless.

Jason_73 said...

Hey Terry

I was thinking about this a lot last night and this morning. If the greatest commandment is the love the Lord with all our heart then being distracted by whatever woos us is truly is sinfulness. We have a bit of time with that in our consumer culture relating to material wants, but I think Bob is right on with that word.