Thursday, March 13, 2008


So somehow I've observed everyone around me getting sick all winter with the flu, colds, weird strains of viruses. We've had a heck of a time with staffing in our homes and people being out sick. I've even seen my son get sick 3 times and I've made it through ok. Wouldn't you know it though, 2 days before the first real vacation our family has had in the last 3 years and my turn finally has come up. The nose, the throat, worn out lazy feeling. The worst part to it is that I already suffer from altitude problems. Even in top condition as the plane descends and the cabin pressure changes I generally feel like my head is in a vice and someone is sticking knives into my forehead. Then I walk around the first week after the flight waiting for my ears to pop. Not fun, and the thing is now I have to fly with sinus and congestion issues to begin with. No amount of chewing gum will help. I'm expecting my head to actually burst at about 10,000 feet filling the cabin with brain matter and snot. So, there is my blog for the day. Even if the previous occurs, I'm still really excited about going on vacation!

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