Sunday, March 16, 2008

Jeremiah Wright Gets the Elephant from Under the Carpet

I think the Jeremiah Wright controversy is the ultimate opportunity for a nationwide collective inner healing session. Really. This stuff-- hostility between black and white-- is usually swept under the carpet. But now we've got
an elephant under the carpet, and it's time to deal with it.  

What's interesting is FoxNews broke the story, and the dividing line between right and left can so be seen more clearly. Barack was on Foxnews the other day, and it was like a revisit to a 1950's McCarthy trial. "Mr. Senator, were you baptized
by this un-american man on this date in 1994" type of garbage.

For me, I'm still a Barack supporter. At least he sees the racial divide in america, and can deal with it better than a republican right wing who is ignorant of it, and a competing
democrat who's husband has played the race issue unfairly.

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