Friday, November 07, 2008

Influence part 3

I read this excellent post over at Matt Chandler's blog on inspiration & influence.

So I ask those who read and participate here:

What influences, deepens or inspires you in your relationship with Abba Father?

Or as Matt puts it, "what stirs your affections for Christ?"

Please comment, as I think we could all use some fresh ideas and perspective on this.


Steve Oberg said...

For me, there are lots of things that inspire me to want to dig deeper. Here are just a few:

Seeing people (especially young people) genuinely respond in worship - makes me weep just thinkin' about it.

Realizing how impressionable and vulnerable my kids are - what on earth am I doing to them?

Seeing the hand of God at work - In nature, His provision in our lives...

Just a couple of thoughts. Hope I am not the only one to post...

Jason_73 said...

I was thinking this morning that nothing stirs my affections for Christ more, or helps me rebound from a funk, that when I that time to consider what I have, and am thankful.

Being thankful in spite of circumstances. Thankful when life is mundane.